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January 22, 2020
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April 17, 2020
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How to Find the Right Home Healthcare Franchise

Finding the right Home Healthcare Franchise

Over the past few years, the consciousness for health has increased at a tremendous rate with which the popularity of home health care franchises has arisen. There are times when a senior member of the family gets sick but a person cannot stay with them for personal reasons such as job and chores. This is where the home health care franchises help. Most of these healthcare services offer help for the elderly and senior citizens who need help in their sickness times.

The increased health care costs and the number of senior citizens requiring additional help have resulted in the exponential popularity of the franchises. The home healthcare isn’t only affordable but offers help at the comfort of the elderly’s own home.  According to the stats, the United States of America is facing a brisked number of 65-year-olds this year and that signals the opportunity for home health care services. These services will become the necessity and if you want to help the senior citizens while earning profits, buying the franchise is an opt choice.

If you are into buying the home health care franchise, RIGHT ACCORD is offering the franchise buying service because we want to put forward the healthcare service for everyone. They are offering medical as well as non-medical services to the consumer base. However, it narrows down to you regarding the franchise preference. However, there are multiple things to consider and you are the sole owner of making the decision.

On the contrary, there are plethoras of things people are unaware of regarding the home healthcare franchise system which impacts the final decision significantly. In the section below, we have rounded up five common things people are unaware of enabling us to ensure you don’t fall in the “enjoy a great franchise support system with us” lines!

Don’t Have/Need To Be An Expert

Many people clear out the idea of buying a franchise because they think their profession isn’t apt to handle the franchise. RIGHT ACCORD has multiple franchise owners that don’t own the medical degrees but their expertise in the corporate world has enabled them to handle everything with perfection. One needs to be efficient in the structures and systems and eager to learn which is the sole entity one needs to ace the franchise while helping the elderly.

Training Is Always There

It is wrong to think that the franchise providers will throw you at the wolves because it’s downright impractical. No responsible company will handle its franchise to you without training you about the structures and systems. RIGHT ACCORD provides hand-on training to the franchise buyers through the question and answer sessions, role-playing, job descriptions, events, and more. If you need assistance, the owners ought to provide guidance and offer resources to ensure you have the sturdy start to the business.

You Pay Money, They Grow It For You

Multitudes of people are thrown off by the idea of paying royalty fees and franchise fee but in the longer run, it’s productive for you. Paying these expenses will make the company accountable to find the trademark registration, access to use the brand name, and coaching & training. Topped with the networking opportunities and marketing support, the company’s formulas are provided in return for fees you pay. RIGHT ACCORD also offers the customer care support service to ensure your clients are free of doubts and appoint you by getting their questions answered by our representatives.

On the other hand, if you decide to start your own brand, you will need to invest in business along with trademark registration, conference, website, and a marketing campaign. However, with the franchise, you only make an upfront investment and the monthly revenues are generated for you that are ample enough to devise the plans for your business strategies. These opportunities are pretty apt given the fact everything is made ready for you instead of you shoving in years of effort and getting nothing out of it.

Annual Conferences Are A Thing

No, they aren’t going to let you loose after handing those papers to you. Every year we meet our friends and family over the holidays and when the franchise buying is concerned, annual conferences are held as well. At the start, there are pieces of training and with time, events are made on an annual basis to ensure every franchise owner comes at one podium and shares their part of the story. These conferences are a significant means to gain insights about business operations and community-serving. RIGHT ACCORD also holds the annual conference to ensure every franchise owner feels welcomed into the world of business.

You Are The Table Turner

When you have a franchise and connect with the clients, you need to think about how you make a change in their lives. With your franchise, you will be able to make a change in the community and in the lives of people you serve.

Things To Consider About Buying The Franchise

The world is full of opportunities as well as the threats and when it comes down to business, the road is pretty bumpy. Buying a franchise might sound like an easy entrepreneurship idea to you but there are some essential things to consider. To ensure you have an idea about the depth of waters you are getting into, we have whipped up everything you need to consider about franchising.

Always Pay Attention To The Franchise Agreement

It might look like a page full of terms & conditions (which we always ignore and accept without reading) but never make the same mistake with the franchise agreement.  While you have the agreement in your hand, make sure you understand each aspect and terminology jotted down in there. You might be doubtful about the franchise relationship. The common points that you need to understand are;

  • You will have to pay the one-time franchise fee to the franchisor
  • You will have to pay the certain percentage of sales revenue in the name of royalty fee
  • You will own certain assets of the company but you are only allowed to operate under their name

If your franchise agreement has some additional points, read them thoroughly and always ask about the points you are unable to comprehend.

Benefits Adhered With Opting For A Franchise

When you sign the agreement, understand that there is much more to buy than simply buying the franchise. Their structure includes the set standards of operation, a devised sales percentage, and the recognized brand name and obviously, the support is there. However, you need to understand that you might be investing in the business for yourself but it’s not all your efforts because customers will come based on the “brand name.”

The franchiser has already saturated the market and coined its name in convenience and quality but it’s unacceptable for you to consider their efforts your own. They might be helping you achieve your business goals but you will have the equal responsibility of driving the business to success.

Types of Training

It is bad to think that non-health care professionals cannot buy the franchise. The truth is, they can but they will need to undergo some essential training to ensure they are coping with the standards devised by the health industry. This training will ensure that they are providing top-notch home healthcare services through their business territory. Last but not the least, these pieces of training clears out their utilization of resources.


Whenever franchise buying and selling is concerned, accreditations are essential to ensure the incorporation of quality in the services. These accreditations are helpful in attracting the staff, accounts, appoint the personnel, earn word of mouth, and create trusting relationships with the clients.

Staff Recruitment

When you buy a franchise, you will need to recruit staff that provides home care services to the clients. However, you cannot just recruit anybody because they will be going to the client’s home on your behalf. Make sure that every staff member has certifications with ample experience and education in the field.

Types of Care

No company will offer every type of care at one time but the most common types of care include personal care, companion care, and skilled care. These three types of care are essential and baseline for the healthcare franchises as people are usually looking for these services. The main reason lies in these care services to keep the patients healthy and prospered. By providing these services, you will create a trusting relationship with clients and whenever they need care, they will call you.

Revenue Streams

When you are buying the franchise, you are providing the top-notch care then obviously doing it for earning money comes after that. If you are buying a franchise, you need to understand the multiple revenue streams adhered to. For instance, you will earn by providing staff to home care looking people as well as when you send the staff to healthcare institutions for additional staff. No matter what revenue streams you have established, make sure you are using the resources aptly.

Tips For Getting Into Franchising

Franchising is no joke and requires continual efforts required to bring out the most out of fee paid. If you are setting foot in the franchising niche, we have rounded up five franchise tips aimed at driving profitability and success for your business. Have a look!

Always Check The Demand

If there is nary demand for the products and services of the franchise you are going to buy, how do you plan on earning revenues? You cannot. Always determine the market demand adhered to the business and try to comprehend the level of sustainability for at least the next twenty years. Go to Google and find out if the service you are opting to buy has a potential market in the given region. Get in touch with the franchisees that are into the same business and based on their answers, make your final call.

Analyze The Competition

If there is enough market demand for your potential franchise, look out for the competition. You need to ask some essential questions inclusive of;

  • What are the new entrants doing?
  • What is the frequency of new entrants?
  • Is the competition positive or negative?
  • What is the intensity of the competition?

These question’s answers will help you access if you should opt for the franchise or not. To seek the right answers, ask these questions from the franchisees in the same business.

Always Work On Abilities

You cannot start anything if you don’t have the skillset for it. Before setting your foot in franchising, make sure you have the ability to handle the new business and impregnate the market to saturate the competition and increase the sales funnel. Some common abilities need to include operationally-minded skills, organization, attention to detail, and good structural development skills.

Franchising Policies

Never get into the franchise business without a complete outlook of the franchising policy of the franchisor. You need to read the agreement with a keen focus. Focus on the fee, royalty fee, revenue sharing, sales profit percentage, and much more. On the other hand, look for the additional perks adhered to in the agreement such as marketing, customer care support, events, and training.

Work On Technology

The technological world has undergone multiple shifts and its needless to say it has become an integral part of the working system. Before you buy a franchise, make sure they are using the industry standardized technology as it impacts the productivity and profit scales. The common questions you need to ask about technology include the database, customer care podiums, and query boards. These three technological aspects ensure that your customers are having an effective experience.

Customer Base

You aren’t investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to cover the small town which calls for investing in the franchise that offers a wide consumer base. On the contrary, you need to work on attracting the customer base for which you have the aligned services. Always finalize the services and types of care that are more in demand as it will impact your revenue and profit generation.