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December 24, 2019
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Franchising Offers You the Opportunity to Be Your Own Boss

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Are you looking to become your own boss? Do you dream of serving others? If so, franchising might be the opportunity you have been searching for. The following are many reasons why many choose to go the franchise route as opposed to opening a brand new business, particularly a senior care franchise opportunity. 

Reduced Risk 

One reason many entrepreneurs choose to invest in a franchise is the risk associated with establishing a new business is more likely reduced. Location does play a role in the ultimate growth of the business, as, for example, a fast-food restaurant likely won’t do a large amount of business in a remote area of the country. However, entrepreneurs find companies offering a franchise opportunity are available to assist with choosing a location so this risk will be minimized. 

The franchise comes with brand visibility, which helps to bring customers in the door.  As a result, the entrepreneur could possibly be less at risk financially because much of the hard work has already been done for them. 

In the event a problem does arise, the franchisee has somewhere to turn for support. He or she does not have to figure out how to address the issue on their own. The franchisor has likely encountered similar situations in the past and will be there to provide advice on how to move forward. This makes it easier for the franchisee as he or she doesn’t have to figure out the best course of action. It has already been laid out by previous entrepreneurs taking advantage of the same opportunity. 

Brand Awareness

Although some franchise opportunities are brand new, they likely still come with name recognition. America is a mobile society. As a result, a company that may be brand new in one region will likely already be familiar to some who live there, as they have engaged with it while living in or visiting other parts of the country. 

Entrepreneurs should never discount the importance of brand awareness. It has been reported that five to seven impressions are needed to cement a brand in a customer’s eye. When a franchise is selected, the brand may have already reached the eye of many consumers, so this part of the process has been completed. 

This makes it easier to draw people to the business. They are familiar with the company and what it offers, making them more willing to spend their money on the goods or services. In addition, brand philosophy itself is of great importance.

Shared values are another thing to take into account at this time, as 64% of consumers state this is one reason they develop a relationship with a brand. 

Senior care franchise opportunities in Florida remain a good choice for individuals looking to become their own boss. Many elderly individuals choose to locate to the area to benefit from the sunshine and warm weather. This is a great example of choosing the right location and the right service that will be most beneficial to the local residents.

Return on Investment

As much of the work has already been done for the franchisee in terms of brand awareness, marketing, and more, franchisees could possibly see a good return on their investment. This can be of great help to individuals who are concerned about giving up their current source of income to go out on their own. They know they may not have to spend countless years struggling to break even, as they already have a good foundation in place.

As previously mentioned, the franchise choice plays a role in this. Senior home care franchise opportunities in Florida are an excellent idea because of the growing senior population. 

Expert Advice

One major benefit of investing in a franchise is that you get help from people who have years of experience in the selected industry. This will be of great help at various times throughout the relationship.

Franchisers are already familiar with the industry, the advantages and drawbacks, and how best to operate the business. They are ready to assist owners with solid advice that has been established, and the hands-on experience the owner gets should not be discounted.

The franchisor provides ongoing support and works with franchisees to determine what works and what doesn’t. Support and training are typically ongoing, as the company offering the franchise wishes to protect its brand. The franchisee benefits from the training, field support specialists, and more to improve their management and leadership skills. 

Furthermore, testing can be done at different locations to determine what works and what does not. The risk is spread out across all the franchisees to see what new methods, products, and more should be introduced across the brand and which need to be eliminated. What works in one part of the country might not be appropriate in another, and the franchiser works to determine this so each individual location doesn’t have to. 

When comparing franchise opportunities, be sure to ask what type of support is provided. This does vary by company, so it is one question that should never be overlooked. The more support that is provided, the easier it is to grow your business in the desired field. 


Individual business owners must bear the responsibility of creating and paying for all marketing for their venture. With a franchise, the franchisor helps take on this task so the owner doesn’t have to do it alone. By paying regular royalty fees and any system marketing fees, the franchise owner benefits from the operational and marketing support afforded to them by the franchisor.  Of course, the franchisee can spend above and beyond this if they choose.

Franchisees appreciate marketing support, in particular, as it is one less burden they have to take on when starting a new business. The franchisor typically knows best where to advertise and how to invest the money to optimize results. 

Senior care franchise opportunities abound in Florida due to the aging population. Getting noticed in a crowded field can be difficult, especially for someone who is opening an independent facility. The franchise marketing team can help in getting the word out about the new venture, which helps to build its visibility and grow its client base. 

If you wish to become your own boss, consider investing in a franchise. There are numerous benefits to doing so, only a few of which have been mentioned above. If this sounds like an opportunity you would be interested in, consider joining forces with Right Accord.

Right Accord addresses the need for in-home care in the United States. This is among the fast-growing opportunities in the country, as 90% of seniors wish to remain in their own homes as long as possible. 

Individuals who choose to take advantage of this opportunity find they are able to meet the growing need for health services that are both affordable and non-medical while allowing seniors to age in their homes. Each franchisee has the opportunity to tailor the franchise for its market while establishing a business they are proud to call their own. Contact us today so you can begin investing in your future and your community: