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December 9, 2019
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January 22, 2020
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Ready to Work for Yourself? Five Reasons Why Franchising is the Right Option

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Business ownership is a dream for many people. One of the most rewarding ways a person can achieve that dream is by opening a home health care business. The demand for home health care rises as the baby boomer generation reaches retirement age, and the industry has been growing rapidly to meet that demand.

There are two options for opening a home health care business, either by purchasing a franchise or opening an independent agency. There are significant differences between an independent agency and a franchise, and which one the person chooses drastically changes how they operate their business. The following are five reasons franchising is the franchise option for those who dream of being their own boss:

1.) An Established Business Model

Established Operations Methods

Franchisors have spent years perfecting their business model, eliminating obstacles while focusing on optimized methods of operation. A franchisee skips the years of trial and error necessary to grow. Instead, they jump straight into using an established and effective method that helps them grow their business quickly. 

Vetted Services

New businesses spend a lot of time and effort convincing potential customers that their services are worth the cost. To do this often takes establishing a history of high-quality care over several years. With a franchise, customers know what high-quality care to expect. The service is perfected, having gone through the market-testing period long before an individual purchases the franchise.

2.) Comprehensive Training and Support

Owning and operating a growing home care business is not usually something a person can do independently without a lot of prior experience, education, and training. Not everyone who wants to work for themselves as the business or industry background to make it work. Franchisees, however, have tools at their disposal which help them operate their business with no extensive education or prior experience. Franchisee Training and support guide individuals through each step of the process:

Startup Guidance

With a new business, it is challenging to know how to get things off the ground, especially if the owner does not have a background in the business or industry. A franchisee, in contrast, is provided with the resources and training to start their business off on the right foot. They are provided guidance in choosing their office location and establishing recruitment processes for clients and caregivers. There is also support staff available to help whenever they have questions about business operations.

Ongoing Training

After the startup period has been completed, franchisees and their staff are continually trained on the franchisor’s established business operations. They will learn how to run a home health care business effectively and how to provide high-quality, compassionate care for their clients. Franchise owners don’t need a health care background. The training provided by the franchisor gives them the tools they need to run the business properly.

Continuous Support

Business owners receive ongoing support from the franchisor to help ensure their growth long term. They are given exclusive manuals that coach them through a variety of tasks, including client services, reporting, daily operations, marketing, and more. Franchise support staff are available any time to answer questions and guide them through daily operations.

3.) Receive Better Recognition

Generating leads and finding customers are core components of any good business model. Independent health care agencies compete with larger, more recognized businesses that have more resources to advertise. When a person purchases a franchise, they tap into the franchise’s existing brand awareness and marketing capabilities, thereby jumpstarting the process of creating local buzz for their own agency. 

Built-in Branding

A home health care franchise has already thrived for years in the industry and spent countless dollars on marketing its brand. Franchisees can reap the rewards of this branding, saving them the time and money they would need to spend if they established their own.

Marketing Support

A franchisee is given pre-made marketing materials from the very start. The franchisor helps the franchisee owner promote the new home health care agency locally and coaches the owner on how to establish an online presence. The franchisor will assist the owner in building a referral network, giving them the best chance at feeding their new client pipeline continually.

4.) Enter a Booming Industry

Most older adults prefer to live out their golden years at home. Eventually, aging takes its toll and makes it harder for them to perform daily tasks of living, such as food preparation and cleaning. Home health care agencies provide these individuals with the help they need to continue enjoying their lives at home.

Since the older population is steadily growing, it is reasonable to assume that the home health care industry will grow with it. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the demand for home health aides will increase by 36% by 2028, much faster than the average industry. Included in this incredible growth is the ballooning number of senior care franchise opportunities. A franchisee can look forward to the following benefits:

A Recession-Resistant Business

According to the National Institutes of Health, over 8% of the world’s population is over the age of 65. Advances in modern medicine contribute to people’s increased longevity. Not only is the senior population expected to rise, but they are thought to own the majority of the wealth in the United States. That makes home health care one of the few industries that can grow continuously regardless of the economic climate. 

5.) Personal and Professional Satisfaction

Arguably the best reason to purchase a home health care franchise is how rewarding it is both personally and professionally. A satisfying career comprises more than the amount of money a person earns, but also the enjoyment and fulfillment it brings. Home health care franchises will feel content knowing they do the following things:

Provide a Valuable Service

Home care aides provide a valuable service to those who need it. Rather than investing in a run-of-the-mill franchise, like a fast-food restaurant, home health care franchise owners are involved in an industry that improves lives, by giving seniors the freedom to age while remaining in their own home.

Become a Respected Member of the Community

Many industries can operate without having face-to-face interactions with members of their immediate community. Most people don’t know personally the top executives behind e-commerce giants like Amazon, but those who operate a home health care agencies see their clients and their staff regularly. Since these franchise owners provide a service that helps older adults improve the quality of their lives, they become respected members of their community.

Be Your Own Boss

Working for oneself is not without challenges, but it can be a much more rewarding experience than traditional employment. Business owners have more control over their lives as they make all the major decisions that affect their business, family, and career. A franchisee’s job description is diverse and flexible, allowing them to gain valuable experience in a range of areas, including sales, marketing, client care, or any other part of operating the home health care business. 

Find the Right Franchise

The most important part of purchasing a home health care franchise is finding one that reflects the purchaser’s principles and meets their personal and professional needs. The right home health care franchise provides comprehensive training and support that enhances the lives of franchisees and the franchisees’ clients. The franchisor’s role is to encourage the franchisee to become an active member of their community and to assist them as they establish themselves as reliable, respected local business owners.

Owning a business is an exciting and rewarding career path. Purchasing a franchise gives a person the benefits of being their own boss without many of the risks that come with starting a business from scratch. By choosing a home health care franchise, individuals are taking steps to protect themselves against economic downturns and joining one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States. Home health care franchise owners can go to bed at night knowing they are providing a valuable and appreciated service to the senior members of their community and their families. For those considering a new business venture, franchising can be just the right option to ensure a rewarding and satisfying future.