In-Home Elderly Care Franchise Opportunities in Naples, Florida
November 1, 2019
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December 24, 2019
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In-Home Care Franchise Opportunities in Naples, Florida

The United States, indeed the entire world, is living in an era of unprecedented longevity. With longer life spans due to medical advancement and better living conditions, people are living fuller, richer lives. This is what makes a senior care franchise one of the fastest growing and most necessary health care industries in the U.S.

Helping to create a high quality of life for aging senior citizens, one of independence and dignity, is both a responsibility and an incredible opportunity. The Naples, Venice, and Lakewood Ranch areas of Florida are beautiful locations that are popular to many retirees with a desire to spend their golden years enjoying the best that life has to offer. Becoming part of providing specialized in home care is one of the most rewarding and gratifying business growth opportunities ever offered. 

Franchise opportunities in senior care offer the potential for financial security, backed by professional guidance and mentorship, and a personally and professionally rewarding career. Becoming your own boss while helping to enrich others’  lives creates an investment in time and community that cannot be found elsewhere. 

Compassionate Care

The Baby Boomer generation was born after World War II, between the years of 1946 and 1964 and accounts for 20% of the U.S. population. That’s around 74 million people. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, more than 90% of these men and women are choosing to age at home, utilizing in-home care as they grow older. Finding caring, professional service providers for these individuals has become the cornerstone of this industry — and for your own business’ growth. 

Choosing to live at home, aging in place, surrounded by the comforts and memories that each person has earned in life – this is a fundamental choice that ought to be respected and provided with dignity and gentle compassion. And, just as each individual cherishes their own place in the world, they also have unique and personal needs for making them comfortable and safe. Imagine being the reliable, compassionate provider of these services in your local community. With a Right Accord franchise, it’s all possible. 

Individualized Service

Whether providing 24 hour care, seven days a week, or simply checking in on them daily to sit and talk, your clients can receive the support they need, providing them as much or as little care as they require to remain active and safe. Some residents need meals delivered three times a day, help with household activities, or supervised care with their personal grooming. 

Our exclusive Right Accord operations manual gives you the step by step instructions you and your staff need for meeting each resident’s needs, and our training and support teams are second to none. By owning a trusted home care franchise, you help provide clients with quality care and support for as long as they need it. 

Growing Need

America is currently experiencing an era of extended life expectancy that has never been seen before. Caring for the needs of this growing and evolving demographic requires professional and enterprising individuals to step forward. 

More than 12 million aging men and women in the United States need some form of home health care. And with 10 thousand people turning 65 every day, there is an increasing need for successful business models that can provide that care. A Right Accord senior care franchise offers that solution. 

Making a Difference

Opportunities are opening up across the United States for people looking to secure a future as a successful home care service provider. With our proven system and unparalleled support, becoming a franchise owner is easier than ever. But what does it take to be a Right Accord Senior Care Investor? While our franchisees come from a wide range of backgrounds, they have certain things in common. 

Not everyone who joins the Right Accord team of service providers comes from the healthcare industry. Another group that often gravitate toward in-home care franchise ownership is entrepreneurs and business people that already work in upper-management. 

Positions in highly competitive or high-stress industries can take a toll, and the idea of investing in a franchise has much to offer. Someone with a business savvy skillset that likes to manage others and grow a business for themselves might find success with home care franchise opportunities

Having a model and groundwork already laid out removes a lot of the uncertainty and guesswork from starting your own business. No matter your background, being able to concentrate on managing your business and growing it successfully beats trying to figure everything out from scratch.

Home Care Providers

A good home care franchise owner should feel empathy, and want to help seniors and their families. They should approach challenges with the knowledge that hard work earns great rewards, and that working for yourself means embracing responsibility. But when it comes to staffing their businesses, where do good in-home care providers come from?

Many home care providers, as well as franchise owners, already have a background in health-care related industries, such as nursing. But the nursing profession is often overwhelming, with long thankless hours and little to show for years of service. Burnout rate is high, and working for a non-medical assisted living franchise can offer a way to leverage that experience into a new career. 

Critical Skills

Compassion and leadership are excellent qualities to have as a home care franchise owner, but that will only take you part of the way to your goals. Right Accord offers training and support from day one that will help you grow as a senior care provider. The right mix of skills creates a winning formula. 

The three most important elements are:

  • People Skills
  • Managerial Skills 
  • Marketing Skills 

Good people skills form the very core of our roles as home care service providers. Often, the most important part you will play is being a gentle presence for the seniors you help care for and their families. Showing compassion and empathy as you help them navigate this delicate time in their lives is central to your role as a senior care business operator

Your managerial skills will be needed, too, for managing a staff of caregivers and their responsibilities. Many people will look to you for guidance and decisive direction, grace under pressure, and the ability to adapt quickly to new situations. You must be able to delegate responsibility while also recognizing that you have the final responsibility on business matters. 

Creating engaging dialog with your community through marketing strategies will help to establish your presence and the services you provide. While Right Accord will help by providing materials and samples for you to use, the ability to utilize social media platforms and to recognize marketing opportunities will give you a decided edge over your competition. Managing events and leveraging technology to promote services or activities can greatly enhance your reach and audience. 

Established Method and Model

Since 2007, the Right Accord suite of non-medical home services has been helping countless seniors live full and rich lives with dignity and independence. Our methods are tried and true, and our support is constant and consistent. We offer guidance and training from day one, and help you to create an environment of success and compassionate care. 

Guidance and Training

Once you are accepted into the program, you begin your preparation by reviewing our operations programs and manuals prior to your formal training. You and two of your staff members will then spend up to five days at our corporate office, learning from our professional staff of educators. Within the first six months of opening your franchise, you will receive an additional three days of training within your territory. This will prepare you for running your business and managing clients the Right Accord way.

Ongoing Support

We are committed to your growth. After your training, you will be able to reach out to our experienced management team at any time for help with day-to-day operations and business related questions. 

You will also have access to our Confidential Operations Manual, which includes everything you need to run your new franchise effectively. Our manual shows you how to manage your daily operations, financial reporting, the entire suite of client services, and the detailed marketing guidelines used by Right Accord. Your business growth is in our mutual best interest, so we work hard to help ensure that. 

Marketing Support

Our marketing professionals will help you build your business by guiding you as you establish yourself within the local market. We provide sample marketing materials for you to use in building a referral network and advertising your services. We also help establish your online presence and show you how to utilize social media to increase your edge over the competition. 

The Business Ownership Opportunity of a Lifetime

The demand for senior care services is only going to continue to increase. Naples, Florida is poised as a prime opportunity to establish credible and compassionate in-home care services to offer support for these residents. The warm weather, the beautiful Gulf of Mexico, and the centralized location to so many attractions make it a city that more and more seniors will seek out for their retirement. 

Secure your own future by helping to provide dignity and independence, safety and companionship to seniors. Build a strong and secure reputation with a Right Accord senior care franchise.